Upload PDF files to the server.

You should use this utility specifically to upload and update files that have a consistent name and thus would not require any changes to the website. This includes:
  • Events Calendar (currenteventscalendar.pdf)
  • Current Newsletter (currentnewsletter.pdf)
  • Dining Menu (SHYC_Menu.pdf)
  • Wine List (Wine-Menu.pdf)
  • sailing-dates-links.pdf
  • Membership Packet button on Join page (SHYC-ELECTRONIC-APPLICATION.pdf)
  • SHYC Directory (Member-Pages.pdf)
  • Holiday Gift Fund (Holiday-Gift-Fund.pdf)
  • House Rules (House-Rules.pdf)
  • Dock Policy (DockPolicy.pdf)
  • Slip Application (SHYC-Blank-Slip-App.pdf)
  • Board of Governors (Board.pdf)
  • Committees (Committees.pdf)

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